Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Maytag refrigerator not cooling model number MBF2258XEB4.


Maytag Refrigerator and freezer sections not cooling room temperature?

I recently visited a customer with a Maytag refrigerator that was not cooling at all. The unit seemed to be running, lights were on, fan motors were working but both compartments were room temperature.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the compressor did not seem to be cycling. Yes the lights were on, fans were running, but if the compressor is not on there will be no cooling. That or you have a refrigerator with no Freon left in the system. There is always a chance for a defrost issue but cooling will almost always only effect the refrigerator section only. That is unless you have a dual evaporator unit.

If you have a refrigerator with a compressor not running you may also hear a clicking noise every 5-10 minutes. That would be your start overload trying to start the compressor. Also keep in mind the number one reason start devices go out is because the condenser is plugged with hair, dust and debris.

Start by removing the start overload device from the compressor. Take your meter leads and measure the resistance across the three pegs on the compressor. Start with the top peg to the left lower peg, then top peg to the right lower, then go across the two lower. The two lower peg reading should be the total of the other two measurements. First reading 5.4 OHM’s second reading 7.6, the total should be around 13 OHM’s.

If this is the reading you are getting more than likely you just need to replaced the start overload device. Keep in mind there is always an off chance the compressor could be bad. Start device part number for this model number is WPW10448874. Hope that helps!