F51 error code do I fix the machine or replace the washer?

If your getting an f51 error code more than likely your not getting much laundry done these days. As you may have found out by now the error code is a communications error code between the control and the RPS sensor. Originally when I first started seeing this error code most machines were still under warrenty and the manufacture would have service techs just replace the control board, wire harness and the sensor. After the machine was out of warrenty most customers just replaced the washer due to the cost of the repair.

After a number of years, I started experimenting by simply replacing the RPS sensor. The results were mixed the success rate was about 50/50. I also found that there can be other issues that can produce this error code. For example, if you have a bad tub bearing, rotor or tub seal leaking. The following pictures are extreme examples of this but you get the point. The RPS sensor simply communicates the speed and or any lack of speed to the control. Broken wires will also produce the code.

So the question is do I repair or replace the washer. If the washer appears to be in good shape and seemed normal in a high-speed spin cycle (didn’t sound like a freight train) then replacing the sensor may be worth a try. I would also recommend tilting the machine back and look for any visible signs of water leaks. Last but not least if your machine looks anything like these pictures, Replace the washer!