Maytag Bravos washer not spinning or agitating?


These machines are some times very hard to diagnose properly. In most cases there is a very long diagnostic process you must complete to finally get to the problem. There are a couple of thing you can do  before calling your local repair man. (Unplug your washer before proceeding!)
 First check to see if the spin basket spins freely, open the lid and push the basket in both directions. In the next step you will need to pull the machine forward and tilt it to the rear. Remove the bottom insulating blanket and remove the plastic cover guard over the belt andmotor. You will need a 5/16th ratchet for the two bolts holding it in place. After you have remove the plastic guard visually check the belt and pulley. Make sure the bottom pulley nut is secure and all electrical connections are installed tightly. If every thing is in good condition reinstall the plastic guard and insulating blanket.
 The next test you will need the machine to be plugged in with the machine powered off. Rotate the cycle selector knob one click to the left, three to the right, one to the left and then one more to the right. All the buttons should be flashing other than the lid lock light at this time. Turn the cycle selector knob until just the spin LED is lite. Press the start button to begin the automatic washer test. The machine will now go through and test each component of the washer, Lid lock, cold water valve, hot valve, shifter, Drain pump and the motor. If your machine fails this test cycle it time to call you local repair service company. If you live in the Portland Oregon or surrounding areas give us a call we would be happy to help, Advanced Appliance Solutions Inc.

  If the machine passed through the test with no issues go on to the next step!

                                    *Calibration Mode*
Power off the machine and start over. One-click to the left, three to the right, one to the left and one to the right. All LED’s should be lite again. turn the selector knob until only the rinse is lite and then press start. This will recalibrate the machine electronics to factory setting, this process will take 2-4 minutes, cycle completes when door unlocks and washer enters standby mode.
                                                     Happy washing!