Maytag dishwasher model # MDB5600AWB not draining


Maytag model # MDB5600AWB dishwasher not draining, tub is full of water. Dishwasher went thru first wash cycle normally stopped and then turned off. There are a couple of issues this could be, plugged drain hose, control board failer or dead drain pump.

 The first thing to do is put dishwasher into a manual functions test. If the machine will not go into functions test you may have a possible touch pad error or control failer. A manual Functions test may be entered into by pressing the normal wash key pad five times followed by start key within six seconds.

 The normal wash led will flash 3 times when test is properly entered. Each specific keypad will turn on or off components of the dishwasher. (Heavy wash-activates wash motor) (Normal wash key-Drain motor) (light wash-water valve) (rinse only key-soap dispencer) (Sanitize-vent) (Heated dry- heating element). The test will end 120 seconds after the last key pad is pressed.

 I entered the functions test and pressed the normal wash key, the drain pump never turned on. After removing the bottom cover I took a voltage reading and found there was 120v going to the pump. This dishwasher has a bad drain pump. I removed the defective pump installed a new pump and the dishwasher worked like new.