Program instructions for GE dryer new control board installation.

In this article I will show you how to program your new control board for your GE dryer model number GFDR270EH1WW. You would think GE would send instructions with there control boards but that seems to be to much to ask of this manufacture? Follow the steps listed in the pictures below to select your model code and type (Electric or gas).

How to remove the old control and install your new one? Start by pulling the cycle selector knob off, also remove the grey plastic sleeve the knob goes over. The next step is to remove the Torx screw directly in the middle of the panel. Once you have removed the screw you will need to push up on both sides of the panel. Make sure to turn the breaker off before you start. Remove all electrical connectors and place the panel face down. Remove all 5/16 bolts that secure the old control board. Install your new control board, electrical connectors and reinstall panel back on the machine. Once you turn the breaker back on all the lights will be blinking, follow the steps listed on the forms pictured below. Hope that helps!