G.E range not heating model # JGBP33SEH5SS


G.E range oven not heating model # JGBP33SEH5SS. Top burners are working as is the broil section of the oven but bake is none functional. This particular range is gas so for the bake to work we needs fuel and some type of ignition source.
 Start by removing the oven racks, then remove the bottom cover plate. Visually check the igniter located on the bottom back center of oven. Look to see if it is cracked or broken. If every thing looks good the next step is to check for 120v going to the igniter. If there is voltage going to the igniter you more than likely have a bad igniter. If your still not sure the next thing you should do is see how many amps the igniter is pulling. 3.2 up to 3.6 is a normal reading for a healthy igniter any thing lower will not open the gas safety valve.
 When replacing your gas igniter make sure to use ceramic wire nuts as for the area these wires sit gets very hot. The igniter part # for this model is WB2X9154.