Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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G.E french door refrigerator not cooling?

G.E evaporater fan motor

Is your G.E French door refrigerator not cooling but freezer is fine? There are a good number of possible things this could be, but more than likely you probably have a fan issue. If you have G.E model number GFE29HSDASS I will walk you through the process on how to change out the fan motor.


Start by removing all the shelves and drawers. Remove the top two screws on deli tray, and remove the deli section tray. Then remove the 6 screws in the rear. At this point you will need to remove the side panels. There is one screw that holds it in place remove that screw and pull assembly forward. Next we will need to remove the cover assembly for the evaporated area. You should have already removed the six screws that held that cover in place.

Frosted evaporate area old fan removed.

Now you should have access to the evap fan motor. Squeeze the two clips together that hold the electrical post in place. Remove old fan motor and install new. Repeat the steps above in reverse order and the refrigerator area should be back to normal shortly.