Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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G.E Gas range not heating model Number PGB995SET1SS


G.E dual fuel lower oven not heating and often smelled like gas.

Most of the time a gas appliance is having issues with heating properly it has something to do with the ignitor. Keep in mind that just because you see it glowing, this does not mean it is working properly. Most ignitors need to get up to 1800 degrees before the valves will open and allow fuel to flow. Today’s appliances have safety features built in to prevent gas from being released and burning people’s homes down. How this is achieved in the ignitor system is by measuring the number of amps the ignitor is pulling. If your getting anything less than 3 amps the ignitor is probably not working properly.

In some cases you may not be getting an AMP reading at all. If this is the case disconnect the electrical connector going to the ignitor. You will want to do a voltage check from the control side. If you have 120 volts then your ignitor is deffintly defective. You can also do a visual check of the ignitor, look for any cracks or broke sections. If there is not 120 volts at the connector more than likly you have a bad control board.

Some common symptoms you may notice are no heat at all, the oven may preheat but then the temps just drop. The faint smell of gas and poofing sounds when the fuel lights. Gas is not something to really mess with if you are not totally confident with taking proper measurements with voltage and AMP meters. Call your local service provider to complete your gas oven repair.