What does E64 error code mean on your Electrolux or Frigidaire dryer?

E64 error stands for shorted heating element or heating issue with your Frigidaire clothes dryer. Possible cause could be a faulty heating element, Bad thermal over load device or control board issue. More than likely the element is bad and needs to be replaced.

E64 Error code shorted heating element

I would say that unless your a very mechanically inclined person you may want to call your local apppliance repair company for this repair. If you decide to take this repair on start by turning the breaker off and unplugging the dryer from the wall.

You will need to remove the top cover, control board, front panel and drum to get access to the heating element. This also reqiures removing the dryer drum belt from the motor and idler pulley. As you can see its pretty much a total tear down of the dryer to repair this issue. Also never try and go through the back of the dryer to do this repair, it can’t be done.